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Pet Stains

Pet Stains and Odour Removal

We specialize in Pet Stains and Odour Removal including nasty Household Spills, Urine spots, wine, coffee, ink, etc.

  • Urine starts as an acid and becomes alkaline salt
  • Urine salt attracts moisture and breeds bacteria
  • Bacteria produces a bad odor
  • Urine doesn’t actually dry. It can remain sticky for many years.
  • Humidity re-activates the odor.

When treating pet stains, you have to get to the root of the problem, which is often deep into the backing, underlay and sub-floor.

Our technicians use special enzymes to treat the problem, along with our waterclaw extraction system.

Ask Carpetizing about our 40 years experience in stain removal. We have expert knowledge about many household stains, ie. wine, coffee, tea, wax and grease etc.

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